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The players returning from Pinto Baseball/ 8U Softball should already know the first 14 numbers on that curriculum. This is a continuation 


15. pitcher-cover-first-play

16. if bunting is allowed, how to bunt

17. if bunting is allowed, how to field a bunt

18. how to pick up a stopped ball

19. waiting for a good pitch to hit

20. rounding a base when running

21. one-throw  double play (force or tag then throw to first)

22. one-throw double play (catch fly then throw to base of runner who did not tag up)

23. defender avoiding obstruction on extra-base hit

24. run-down (pickle) technique

25. oftern misunderstood rules

26. double-steal play

27. delayed steal

28. steal second on a walk

29. pop up and go to next base slide

This is an ambitious list, but doable if you do not run inefficient practices where you hit infield and take batting practice.  Note some of the things that are not mentioned:

  • two-throw double plays
  • batting mechanics
  • fielding mechanics