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This is a continuation of Pinto baseball/ 8U Softball AND Mustang Baseball/ 10U Softball curriculum


They are old enough to learn well and perform at a relatively high level, but not old enoughh to know "everything," like many teenagers.

They should already know much of the stuff on the younger lists.  They need to learn new stuff and refine the stuff they already know.  Plus you can teach them the following new things:

30. first-and-third defense plays

31. taking extra base on outfielder's throw to pitcher or wrong base

32. delayed-steal defense

33. defense against long secondary lead at third

34. squeeze bunt

35. "day-o" play (pick off runner at second with shortstop when daylight can be seen between runner and shortstop

36. catcher back up first when no runners

37. catcher block low pitches

38. defense against runner taking big secondary lead at second

39. pitcher-cover-home-on-passed-ball play

40. appeal half-swing to base ump

41. appeal for not tagging on fly or not touching base

42. runners going on 2-out, 3-2 count, forced-situation swing

43. runners going on 2-out, 2 strike, forced-situation swing 

44. try to draw pick-off throw on secondary lead at all three bases

45. advance to next base on infielder's throw to first

46. score from third on infield ground ball

47. make sure you are out before leaving base after close play

48. base runners advance two bases on single

49. relay technique

50. base-coaching signals

51. pitching from stretch

52. fastball grip

53. changeup

54. outfield technique for different situations

Notice what is not in this list - things like batting mechanics, pitching mechanics, hitting the cut man, the two-throw double play.  That stuff is either too advanced or too time-consuming for youth baseball.